When You Win, We Win!


Where We Started

Jennifer and Javier met over two decades ago, when Jennifer started dating her now-husband Joe, Javier’s soccer coach at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, who Javier played for at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, then later worked for at Joe’s restaurants. They have since become as close as family. In strengthening their friendship over the years, Jennifer and Javier — both self-described as driven, willing to learn and loyal — had always talked about one day starting a business.

If You Win, We Win!


The two wanted to do something that would showcase both of their strong artistic and design abilities. With those backgrounds, Jennifer, a designer, and Javier, who specializes in e-commerce, knew the most destined path was a digital agency. After talking about it endlessly in 2018, a year later they committed to creating Intelligent Digital Design (iD2).

Jennifer and Javier are both motivated self-starters and believe that their differing personalities — Jennifer is intense and spunky, while Javier is mellow and focused — will mesh perfectly towards driving iD2 to success. What they do share in common personality-wise is a desire to have fun, but when it comes down to it, an urge to get things done.

Those are traits that Jennifer and Javier want to see in future clients, as well. They want to work with a client that will put over 100% into any project — just as they will. Both Jennifer and Javier are direct and to the point. They strive for business partnerships that will benefit from their shared talents — and they know right away who they can or can’t work with.
These core values stem from Jennifer and Javier’s desire to be a part of other peoples’ successes; using their artistic and digital design talents to allow clients to achieve their goals. With copious amounts of support and a village of people who believe in them, Jennifer and Javier will go to any length to make sure that they will not let down themselves, their supporters, nor their clients.
These two are driven by good design, good art & concise marketing. They have a shared sense of style and direct communication that has enabled them to work on a number of projects with ease and efficiency. This is what they bring to the table for their clients and what they can bring to the table for you!

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